Delta Venus


I hope that when you gaze deep into these landscapes, you will find yourself there, and that everything will be perfect. Everything will be love. A pure state of contentment.


Delta Venus is an explorer of the mind and we’re here for the journey. She finds inspiration in “the dream space” - a state of subconscious - in order to discover answers unknown in the physical world... think astrological projections, sensory deprivation tanks, psychonautics, and metaphysics.

In this series, Delta transforms landscapes into poetry, and then poetry into art... looking at her work is like living a dream. These digital illustrations capture a place and moment where she experienced transcendence - Mountains, Falls, and Palm Trees as her titles suggest. We have fallen in love with this series, because gazing into it is an opportunity to retreat into a sacred space, a quiet oasis.

PainterKate Hoffman