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We know that life with art is inspiring. We believe collecting art should be too. Let’s get Spacey.


Dear Collectors,

Have you ever found yourself searching through thousands of artworks, ranging vastly in price, with no transparency into value, and no storytelling around the art? This is the traditional art world — an industry known to be overwhelming, opaque and dated.

I founded Spacey on a mission to reimagine fine art as more than a product, but an experience, a lifestyle, and a story.

At Spacey you can invest in fine art at an affordable price. You are empowered to understand the quality of your art, and it’s value as a collectable. You are invited to join a sparkling scene of Collectors, Curators and Artists alike.

Welcome to Spacey.

— Kate E. Hoffman
Founder, Spacey Studios


01. Curation


Spacey connects you to the artists you want to know and need to follow. We commission artists from around the globe who are sharing their work through this generations’ gallery — social media. Our curation technology allows us to analyze value through social engagement, growth and buzz. It’s a modern, transparent approach that connects our collectors to Artist with very brag-worthy accolades.


02. Process


Spacey manages the entire printing, framing and packaging process in house - it’s a direct-to-consumer approach to fine art. This allows our artists to do what they love - create art - and allows us to design a seamless end-to-end experience for our collectors. Our artwork is made with the same museum quality fine-art seen in galleries around the world, at a fraction of the cost. We focus on the quality and craftsmanship, while our backend technology creates a magical backend experience.


03. Quality


All artwork on Spacey is ‘archival-grade,’ meaning we use 100% acid-free materials to ensure your piece maintains its superior quality for hundreds of years. Each work is created using professional, ink technology on a museum-quality paper. Our Inkjet Printers and Cotton Rag Paper yield maximum pigment density, dot precision, and tonal ranges for stunning detail, depth and accuracy. Your artwork from Spacey always arrives in a sleek gallery frame, crafted from premium wood and UV-protective Plexiglass (higher quality and more expensive than traditional glass).


04. Limited Editions


All art featured on Spacey is exclusive to Spacey as a limited-edition print of 25. This means there are only 25 editions, in the entire world, forever and always — a guarantee thanks to Spacey’s Certificate of Authenticity. So when you collect one of Spacey’s 25 prints, you’re joining a small group of just 25 other collectors around the world who are uniquely connected to that same piece.


05. Collections


Every season, Spacey drops a new, limited-edition collection of artwork from a new group of artists. Each collection is inspired by a trend or topic at the forefront of culture in that moment. Why? Because this means collecting with Spacey allows you to curate an artistic diary of the world around you on your walls. AKA - your world inspires our stories, these stories become art, and your art becomes a timepiece. At Spacey, we believe art should feel personal.


06. Social Good


Did you know that for every print you purchase, you are supporting underprivileged art students seeking financial aid? It’s true. And it’s an important cause. Why? Because of the top 10 most expensive colleges in the U.S., 7 are art schools. AKA, the wealth gap in the art world comes from the ground up. We believe this needs to change. Through the Spacey Scholarship Fund, you’re supporting art beyond privilege.