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Have you ever felt overwhelmed shopping for artwork online? We understand. It's exhausting sifting through thousands of works, numerous framing, printing and sizing options that range vastly in price, and are sold alongside antiques, stationary, home goods, and more. Talk about decision fatigue!

Spacey uses the beauty of minimalism to make shopping for art an artistic experience. Spacey features highly-curated collections of limited-edition prints, created exclusively for Spacey by today's top emerging artists. The experience is wrapped-up in a stylish and intuitive shopping experience that engages and inspires the modern shopper.


In 2017, affordable online art sales in the U.S. (art under $1,000) reached $350 Million. Global online sales are projected to double by 2022!


Quality Prints &


Affordable Prices

Pricing in the art world is often opaque and inconsistent, which makes investing in Art and Emerging Artists difficult to understand and justify. 

Spacey provides a transparent value proposition by pricing our works based on the cost of production. In other words, your artwork can only grow in value... it's investing made easy! Each work is sold in three consistent sizes and styles, making our product and prices crystal clear with every purchase.

The Product: 20 original works of art (from top emerging artists). 50 prints per work (archival quality paper & fine art printing systems). 3 classic print sizes (11x14, 16x20, 24x36). 3 frame styles (black, white, and natural wood). Priced from $95-$500.


In 2017, the majority of millennial art buyers bought 2-5 works from 2-5 websites. What does this say? There are many eager buyers, and many online sites, but no customer loyalty!


Personal Stories & 

Stylish Aesthetics  

We believe art is more than an investment. More than a decorating tool. Collecting art is a way to express a sense of self.

Spacey curates quarterly collections of art, inspired by what's happening in popular culture. By collecting with Spacey, you're bringing visualized moments of your life into your home - like an artistic diary. 

Our cohesive color palettes help buyers expand their gallery walls with complimentary Spacey prints. The artistic styles and colors will reflect the aesthetic trends you see in fashion and home decor brands... think of Spacey as an art brand functioning like a fashion label.


What motivates people to buy art? Providing price transparency, connecting to a community of like-minded people, and creating a sense of personal identity. Check, check, and check! 


Artist Collaborations

Unlike other art marketplaces, when working with Spacey, Artists get to do what they love - create artwork - and leave the rest to us. Spacey manages the printing, framing, and packaging of artwork (creating a consistent end-to-end customer experience). 

Spacey is also the only online art platform offering artists a front and back-end fee.  Artists working with Spacey are guaranteed an upfront fee for each completed original work - we never host contests asking artists to create work with no promise of a ROI. And artists receive backend royalty based off purchase price, verses profit, for a fully transparent transaction.

Buying a Spacey print also means supporting the next generation of artists. 7 out of 10 of the most expensive college tuitions in the US are art schools. We think art educations should extend beyond privilege. For every print purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Spacey Artist Scholarship.


Millennials (22-37) are the largest customer group in the real estate, furniture, and home-accent markets. They have more purchasing power than any other demographic in the world. It's time to create an art experience designed for this generation.



Kate Hoffman is a Media and Marketing executive who has spent the last six years working with top advertisers to translate their brand goals into entertaining content and engaging experiences. 

Having served as Executive Director of Creative Partnerships at Endemol Shine, she created, sold, and produced original content for brands such as Dove, Target, General Motors, Subway, and Bank of America. Previously, she managed Brand Partnerships at IAC’s TV group Electus, spearheading deals across series like Jane the Virgin (CW), Flaked (Netflix), and Bear Grylls (NBC). 

Kate attended George Washington University as a Presidential Arts Scholar, and graduated with a Marketing degree from the School of Business, and a double-minor in Fine Arts and Art History. Her arts studies were further extended at the American University of Paris and the Fashion Institute of Technology.



Today’s generation looks at their homes as an ever-changing canvas for their lives, a place that reflects their experiences, interests and values. While still investing in high quality basics, people are redecorating more frequently and making bolder choices.
— Pinterest, 2018 Trend Report